About Us

Cousins Merino Services was formed in 2000, primarily as a merino sheep classing and on farm wool testing service. The business has now grown to incorporate a range of services to the livestock industry, including OFDA2000 on farm wool testing, merino sheep classing, pregnancy scanning, fat and eye muscle scanning, electronic tag requirements and data collection and collation.

Cousins Merino Services operates throughout South Australia, Western Victoria and the North Eastern pastoral areas of NSW.

Our Mission, Visions & Values

Our mission for Cousins Merino Services by the provision of a range of services to the livestock industry will act to improve productivity, profitability and sustainability of our clients.

Our Vision is to be, and to be recognised as a leader in the provision of services to the livestock industry. This is to be achieved by being responsive to clients needs, maintaining cost effectiveness and utilising advancing technology.

We want to ensure that service providers have the skill, knowledge and equipment to provide an exceptional level of service to clients.

Paul Cousins

Business Owner

Paul is an experienced and well respected sheep classer, involved with establishing breeding programs, flock management and structure.

Paul also is an experienced sheep pregnancy scanner, a proficient OFDA2000 wool tester and cattle scanner.

Michelle Cousins

Business Owner

Michelle is involved with data management, is a service provider for data entry into sheep genetics and provides workshop delivery to producer groups and schools.

She is an accredited provider of ram select and electronic identification of sheep workshops. She is also responsible for general administration and for all bookings and enquires.

Josh Cousins

Business Owner, B Sc (Ag)

Josh is a trained sheep pregnancy scanner and OFDA2000 wool tester and has a keen interest in new technologies and the merino sheep industry. He has a strong interest in merino sheep classing, assisting clients with breeding programs and ram selection.

Josh has just completed his Bachelor of Agricultural Science at Adelaide University and has come back to work within the family business.