On Farm Wool Testing

We have offered on farm wool testing utilizing the OFDA 2000 for over ten years and are a OFFM accredited organization.

Clients, both commercial and stud operations, have used OFFM for the following:

  •     Genetic improvement
  •     Wool clip preparation and marketing
  •     To capture price premiums in the wool market.
    (not as prevalent now as early 2000, but they still exist.)
  •     As a marketing tool for selling stock.

Ultimately the aim always has to be to improve the productivity and profitability of your enterprise. 

We are always available to discuss the cost effectiveness and logistics of implementing OFFM into your wool enterprise management. The portability of the OFDA2000 means it can be used both in shed and the sheep yards. The majority of our work however is done in the yards prior to shearing. This reduces the amount of tasks conducted during shearing and removes the need to remuster. It also gives clients the opportunity to visually class animals as data is collected – real time data management!

OFDA2000 is compatible with electronic identification and export files are compatible with all software programs.

We provide customised reports and support data entry into Sheep Genetics.

Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.