Electronic Identification

Electronic identification (eID) of livestock is becoming more common as its benefits in livestock identification, management and biosecurity and becoming more well known within industry.  

As we move towards mandatory eID it is important to understand how this technology works and its uses within your production systems. At Cousins Merino Services we work with research organisations, technology companies and producers to ensure we are up to date with the latest technology and its applications to our clients. We also act as re-sellers for electronic tags and equipment. 

Please contact us with any queries regarding the usage of eID in your livestock operations, we can capture individual eID when pregnancy scanning or wool testing and work with clients with incorporating body weights and fleece tracking.


Usage will depend on producer’s individual management needs and profit drivers, they could include:

  • Pedigree information
  • Weights and weight gain
  • Vaccine and parasite history and stock management
  • Supplement history
  • Fertility – including Pregnancy scanning data
  • Fleece measurements – micron, fleece weights
  • It gives the producer the ability to make decisions based on an individual animal’s performance and tailor management/production systems accordingly


  • Improved data accuracy.
  • Eliminate tag reading errors.
  • Improved stock handling – less stress.
  • Reduction in time taken to collect data.
  • Improved data collation and recall.
  • NLIS

Please click here for further eID support.